Unlimited M2 Mirages- VOSA and GOLDEN GUN

hybrid construction that weighed in at a record breaking 200lbs! That was eight years

Fast forward to present. 2010, Outrigger Connection now introduces the “VOSA” and
the “GOLDEN GUN,” both M2 Mirages. Each is constructed out of an extremely hybrid
layup of natural composite tech weighing in at 20% lighter, shattering our previous
record! On countless tests of both canoes, it was the lightening quick maneuverability,
effortless wave catching, and unmatched acceleration that wowed everyone!

Both unlimited M2’s had hard decks constructed for them, along with lip lined cockpits
for use with airtight neoprene spray skirts. In rough conditions, this system provides the
driest ride of any six man outrigger canoe! This allows you to maintain long runs on
swells and minimizes, even eliminates bailing.

Iakos for each canoe are also radical in design and construction. They have a similar arc
and shape to our OC1/ OC2 iakos, allowing easy, “quick rig” installation and adjustment
with a single bolt at each connection point. Each iako is made of carbon wrapped
aluminum and is extremely strong and durable.

The GOLDEN GUN is visually and functionally far more revolutionary than the VOSA.
While the VOSA has our standard M2 seating layout, the GOLDEN GUN has seats 2-5
between the iakos. These seats are extremely close together when compared to any other
OC6 and make the canoe more centrally weighted. Because the weight of the paddlers is
moved more toward the middle, the canoe is more maneuverable than the other and surfs
more efficiently, behaving like an oversized OC1!

Both canoes are located in Kailua, HI and are for sale. You can reach us at (808) 261-
8424 or contact us via email for more information.

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