• Seats1
  • Length21'6"
  • Width15.5"

Zephyr Overview.

The ZEPHYR was developed in the beginning of 2007 after 3 successful seasons with the Fusion. The idea was to make a canoe that was a cross between the Fuze and Fusion, utilizing the best aspects from both designs. Intense testing began at the end of 2006 in the prototype, with changes being made as testing progressed.

We kept the length of the Fusion, but modified the nose with a higher seam line like that of the Fuze. This added a bit of reserve buoyancy to help keep the nose from going under in the bumps, but also kept a streamlined waterline for speed in the flat. We made the deck on the tail drastically smaller to minimize wind and wave resistance in side wind conditions. A rudder cover was added to make the tail sleeker as well. These changes in the nose and tail resulted in smoother and more straight forward ride in the bumps when compared to the Fuze or Fusion. The ZEPHYR seemed to be continuously going forward with more momentum, with less up and down movement; resulting in more straight line speed. The entire cockpit area (including the foot wells and both iakos) was again moved forward 1 inch. The raised seam line at the foot well area resulted in a dryer ride when going over waves or paddling in rough conditions. The ama rocker was modified to allow for the positioning of the front even higher than on the Fusion. This allows for more control of the ama because it rides further back, closer to your hip point.

The ZEPHYR is recommended as a Mid-Volume canoe for 160- 200 pound paddlers. It is our latest and most advanced OC-1.

Product Details

    Available in Kevlar/Graphite lay up
    The Zephyr comes equipped with the following:

  • Assisted foot well drains
  • Custom shaped removable foam seat according to your height and paddeling style.
  • Includes one or two color design.
  • Aluminum iakos for strength
  • Vertical connection with the AMA and easy adjustment

  • Dakine Leash