• Seats
  • Length21'4"
  • Width15 3/4"

Torrent Overview.

Towards the end of 2011 and after years of success with the Zephyr, the Outrigger Connection Team began work on a new canoe that would become the Torrent. We began testing a prototype that we continued to make adjustments to as was needed.

Overall, the Torrent is two inches shorter than the Zephyr at 21’ 4”. The nose on the Torrent is much sleeker and sharper than that of the Zephyr, enabling it to slice through waves and chop more efficiently. The nose is also lower, meaning less wind resistance in side wind conditions. It is more proportional to the shape of the overall canoe. We moved the cockpit area and ama forward 1 1/2,” which moves the paddler’s weight forward enabling the canoe to drop into waves faster. The cockpit shape was changed as well, to accommodate for either an adjustable or stationary seat. On the hull, we found that removing the chimes increased the maneuverability of the Torrent making changing direction for bumps easier. Maneuverability was also improved by moving the rudder forward two inches. Flat water, as well as, downwind tests confirmed that the changes made provided us with our fastest canoe yet!

We recommend the Torrent for paddlers from 130-240 lbs.

Product Details

Available in the following lay ups:

  • Epoxy Kevlar Graphite
  • Epoxy Double Graphite
  • Epoxy Double Graphite Ultralight

Torrent Features:

  • High flow footwell drain
  • Stationary or adjustable foam seat
  • Screw in drain plug with remotely located breather tube
  • Dual bungee storage areas
  • Aluminum iakos