The Fuze

The Fuze

  • Seats1
  • Length20'6"
  • Width16"

Fuze Overview

The One man outrigger market is getting more and more sophisticated. Time, when one design could satisfy the variety of paddlers is gone.

People are looking for specifics in each design which determines whether they buy the boat or not. Outrigger Connection’s response is the F U Z E . The Fuze is not a replacement of our latest design the FUSION but rather an addition for the lighter paddlers, from 170 lbs and below.

These paddlers now can experience the unmatched surfing agility of the Fusion without sacrificing speed in the flat water. Fuze is a scaled down Fusion, with the same hull design approach as a Fusion, combining “V” shaped design with the parallel chimes for fast release in the surfing speed (above 12 miles an hour).

The Fuze is 20.5′ long and 16″ wide. Same deep and comfortable stationary seat was incorporated into the boat design, similar like Fusion, providing paddler with great feel for the boat and great comfort.

The testing during the summer forced the designing team to alternate the seam line in order to give the front of the boat extra reserved buoyancy in up wind conditions. Fuze is equipped with the same ama and iakos as Fusion.

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Product Detail.

    Available in Kevlar/Graphite lay up
    The Fuze comes equipped with the following:

  • Assisted footwell drains
  • Custom shaped removable foam seat according to your height and paddeling style.
  • Includes one or two color design.
  • Aluminum iakos for strength
  • Vertical connection with the AMA and easy adjustment

  • Dakine Leash