• Seats1
  • Length20’5”
  • Width15”

Osprey Overview.

Every couple years or so the Outrigger Connection Design Team comes up with some ideas, either for a new canoe or on how to improve the existing canoe we have. For the Osprey in particular, the main motivation was to create a Low- Volume canoe, a canoe smaller than any of our previous designs. We took a lot of what we learned with the Zephyr and Fusion regarding rocker, seating position, etc. and began creating the Osprey. After countless hours of shaping, testing, reshaping, and testing again, the present shape was born. The Osprey is a foot shorter than the Zephyr, at 20 1/2 ‘ and far narrower, about 2 inches narrower at the foot wells.

Osprey has many new developments when compared to the Zephyr. A key feature that strikes you visually right away is the narrowness in the foot well area. This allows the paddler to paddle closer to the hull of the canoe! You can now get more leverage with each stroke and not worry about hitting the deck of the canoe.

The other major addition is the sliding seat with built in drain system. Now there is the option of having a sliding seat or a stationary seat and you don’t have to worry about the seating area well holding water in!

The ama on the Osprey is also new. We tested a few ama designs in the development of the Osprey and came up with a new design that really suits the canoe well. While testing, we found this ama design to be almost “invisible”, meaning that you hardly ever noticed it! It works with the paddler and canoe, not against them. That is key because some amas end up controlling you more than you control them and that is not good to say the least.

Other additions include a rear bungee storage system in addition to the front bungee and a single venturi drain instead of a dual drain. A custom molded venturi carbon fiber flap, far larger than any of our previous designs, improves drainage out of the seating well area.

The more the shape of the canoe developed the more it looked aggressive, like the Osprey. When looking at the sharp front of both the canoe and ama, it made perfect sense. The Osprey is daytime bird of prey that is found near bodies of water all around the world. It went perfectly with the canoe!

The Osprey is recommended for 190 lb. paddlers and under. Or, for those paddlers that want a low volume canoe design. For more information call 808-261-8424.

Product Detail

    Available in Double Carbon or Kevlar/Carbon Layup
    The Osprey comes equipped with the following:

  • Single Carbon Fiber Venturi foot well drain
  • Custom shaped removable foam seat according to your height and paddling style. Or, optional adjustable seat
  • Includes one or two color design.
  • Front and Rear Storage Bungee
  • Drain system integrated into sliding seat track
  • Aluminum iakos for strength
  • Vertical connection with the AMA and easy adjustment

  • Dakine Leash