OC-6 Mirage

OC-6 Mirage

  • Seats
  • Length45'
  • Width19"

OC-6 Mirage

Mirage, 6 years in a row and winner of the Molokai Hoe with the record in 2000 and 18 Mirages in top 20 in 2005!!!!

Outrigger connection ‘s design team entered the OC6 market in 1997 with OC6 design(outrigger connection six). Team New Zealand won the Kona race and placed 3rd and in 1999 took second in the Molokai Hoe but the boat didn’t become popular. In January of year 2000 we decided to redesign the hull and we followed the concept of America Cup yachts . The hulls rocker is different that anything out there, it follows a smooth curve on the bow of the boat and the line straightens out towards the the stern almost to the straight line. This concept allows the boat to stay horizontal in most oceans conditions and the surfing is made easy forward instead of sliding down on the wave.

Mirage performs excellent in the flat conditions. Several tests were done and Mirage always came in ahead of the leading brands of OC6 canoes. Two prototypes entered the Molokai Hoe in 2000 and the results were fantastic. The Mirage finished 1st and 2nd out of 100 canoes and a new course record was established. The popularity of the MIRAGE was proven in 2001 regatta season in the Hui Waa division and during Waikiki McFarlane’s surfing regatta where all of the clubs entered the race using a MIRAGE.


  • Loaded waterline: 37 feet 8 inches
  • Length:45 feet
  • Width: 19″ on the gunnels at top and 21″ on the bottom
  • Integrated Canvas Tracks
  • Snap on Canvas System on Rear Manu
  • Wooden Iakos

  • Standart Lay Up

  • Puffy Ama, for all OC-6
  • Iakos, one pair:
  • Canvas: Canvas with Neoprene
  • Plastic hoops