OC-4 Makaha

OC-4 Makaha

  • Seats4
  • Length23
  • Width19

OC-4 Makaha Overview

In the summer of 2002 Outrigger Connections design team took up the task to design radical new OC-4 for surfing. We invited several TOP NAMES in the canoe surfing world to find out what would be the most up to date surfing canoe and ama shape. Using the comments from surfers like Mel Pu’u, Buffalo Keaulana, Brian Keaulana, Teene Forsyth and Todd Bradley, the OC team shaped the basic hull with similar lines and hull rocker profile as the MIRAGE but in the 22 foot range. First testing was in October and more volume was requested for the hull.

More calabash hull profile was obtained and new buoyant BIG ama was added to the equipment for a second round of testing. The prototype was performing satisfactory, minor changes in seat configuration were implemented. The end of November 2002 the new prototype was tested at Makaha Beach. The hulls performance was approved but the ama had to be re-designed to improve the ama ability and support the boat while riding the steep big waves. The high graphite arch bracket was designed to raise the rear iako away from being hit by the wave.

In December the final testing took place in Makaha and in front of Outrigger Canoe Club in Waikiki. The MAKAHA OC-4 performed to the complete satisfaction and excitement of the test riders and the work on the mold started immediately.

First boat was out of the mold in the end of February of 2003 and MAKAHA OC-4 was first time introduced in March at the Buffalo Classics at Makaha. First three places finishers were in MAKAHA OC-4 and the success of the design continues in 2004 and 2005. The winner of the Buffalo Surfing Classics was the MAKAHA OC-4 by Outrigger Connection.

Makaha Detail.

  • Length: 23′
  • Width: 19″ on the gunnels at the top and 22″ on the bottom
    Available in fiberglass lay ups:
    The Makaha comes equipped with the following:

  • Two color design
  • Includes one or two color design.
  • Ama and a pair of wooden iakos