OC-2 Stingray2

OC-2 Stingray2

  • Seats2
  • Length24'10"
  • Width17"

OC-2 Stingray Overview

The success of the Stingray’s hull put a pressure on OC designing team to replace the popular Viper Duo with new progressive design. The Stingray hull basics were our guidelines for new hull configuration. The goal was to improve surfing ability, surpassing Viper Duo agility and maneuverability. The redesigned rocker hull was tested and the outside chines were added to gain the water release at surfing speed, exceeding 10 miles per hour. The chines work surprisingly well especially at higher speed, providing the hull with fast release and the boat gains on agility. When the hull was finished the new deck was shaped to follow the Stingray’s characteristic. The extra attention was paid to the cockpit configuration, paddlers should be positioned as close as possible for better pivoting point in the waves. The seats were redesigned for better comfort, and the new sliding mechanism was added for easy and fast seat position adjustment. The positions of iakos was challenging in order to accommodate the new paddlers position and still keep only the back paddler inside of the iakos. When this problem was solved, new redesigned and more buoyant ama was completed and the entire rig was rigorously tested in all possible conditions. We still had to do little changes through the last testing process but in July 2003 the new STINGRAY 2 was introduced to the outrigger community and it has became the hottest seller since. The hull performs smoothly in virtually all conditions. The surfing ability is unsurpassed. The boat drops in the bumps easily it is very much controllable during the surfing phase and accelerates fast into the next bump, whether it is strait forward or the direction change is necessary.

The demo of the STINGRAY 2 is available in Outrigger Connection shop in Kailua, just call 261-8424 and schedule to test the new Fusion.

OC-2 Stingray Detail

  • Length: 24′ feet 10″ inches
  • Width: 17 inches
    Available in Epoxy Kevlar/Graphite Vacuum Bagged Layup
    The Stingray comes equipped with the following:

  • Assisted footwell drains
  • Includes one or two color design.
  • Aluminum iakos for strength
  • Vertical connection with the AMA and easy adjustment

  • Double stearing, front and back Call for Prices