M2 Mirrage

M2 Mirrage

  • Seats
  • Length44ft 4in
  • Width19"

“M2″ Mirage

The M2 Mirage was designed in 2008 by the Outrigger Connection Team. The idea for the M2 came about as a result of observations made in the much saltier waters off Italy. Outrigger Connection took a team to Venice, Italy and while paddling the original Mirage in the saltier waters off the Italian coast, the canoe floated higher and performed better. This additional buoyancy that the sea provided enabled the canoe to go faster. So, the idea to incorporate this added buoyancy into the canoe came about.

The M2 is designed with the original Mirage as a benchmark. The rocker is virtually unchanged and the canoe utilizes the same “Puffy” ama. Seating and gunnel width also remain unchanged. The main difference on the M2 is the hull width, which is appx. 2 inches wider in the center of the canoe when compared to the Mirage. This extra width tapers towards both ends of the canoe, leaving a more pronounced calabash in the center of the canoe.

During our mandatory waterline tests of the M2, it was found that there was a ¾” gain in freeboard. This also means there was a ¾” loss of draft, meaning that compared to the original Mirage there is less drag. This allows the canoe to accelerate faster, turn quicker, and pick up bumps (waves) a lot easier. In flat-water, the M2 maintains the glide effortlessly when compared to the original Mirage. In the rough, the added maneuverability allows the M2 to change direction onto different bumps quicker and keep surfing longer. It also remains dryer, taking on less water in sloppy conditions because it floats higher with the added buoyancy.

    Other features also on the M2 include:

  • ength: 44 feet 4 inches
  • Front and rear lips for easy spray canvas attachment
  • Built in paddle holder (behind seat six)
  • Rear bulkhead moved closer to seat six, creating a longer rear manu
  • Wooden Iakos
  • Available:
  • Standart Lay Up

  • Puffy Ama, for all OC-6
  • Iakos, one pair:
  • Canvas: Canvas with Neoprene
  • Plastic hoops