Introducing the ’22′

When the Outrigger Connection Team began designing the new 22 (it is OC’s twenty second molded design!) OC2, we right away had a few ideas of what we wanted to accomplish. Since its introduction, Outrigger Connection’s Stingray2 OC2 has been extremely successful and arguably one of the best OC2’s out there. We began there, keeping the rear steering and iako arrangement, which still surrounds only the rear paddler. This enables the forward paddler to have unlimited space to reach with their bottom hand.

Then come the changes. Compared to the Stingray2, the 22’s hull is far more “V” shaped, similar to the hull of our Osprey or Zephyr. Keeping the chimes in place as well, the “V” hull and chimes give the 22 increased straight line speed. This is also aided by a decrease in rocker and a slight increase in overall length. More room was also added between the paddlers, which now allows for additional bungee storage between the paddlers. A drastic difference from the Stingray2 is the adjustable seats, which are now in cavities like those on the Osprey. Having those seats inset gives both paddlers far more comfort and a better feel for the canoe.

What we immediately noticed in testing was the speed and comfort of the 22. The canoe not only rockets from wave to wave in a downwind run, but is also very stable and easy to maneuver in the chop. The decrease in rocker gives the 22 more effortless glide in the waves, allowing the paddlers to save energy and have the power then to sprint for the next wave!

The demo of the 22 is available in the Outrigger Connection store in Kailua, just call 808-261-8424 and you can schedule a test paddle!

Product Details

Available in the following lay ups:

- Epoxy Kevlar Graphite

- Epoxy Double Graphite

22 Features:

- High flow footwell drains

- Inset, adjustable foam seats

- Drain plug with breather tube

- Triple bungee storage areas

- Aluminum iakos

- Optional front steering

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